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X: forGL survey in progress.

 X survey


Use words from Your own Natural Language to do Computer Programming

(output as source code in 10+ programming languages at the same time)

do Computer Programming by
editing a Dictionary using Words from your own Language. English is fully supported and European languages and other languages that read from left to right are supported.
do NOT need to know ANY computer programming to start using forGL to edit & successfully Run YOUR words as a working computer program. You may then Export your forGL words as  Haxe source files. Your Haxe sources are compiled to your choice of: C++, Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, or other languages to build your sources as you like to whatever platforms support running those Interpreted or Compiled languages.
Details of how to get and use forGL and of other forGL changes needed are found at:

Your forGL APP

Prototype Status: (Nov 13, 2023)

forGL is now a Prototype that needs many improvements to be more useful. There are several known and also yet to be found Defects (bugs) in the forGL Prototype now.

Details of ways to help may be found in

forGL/Docs/Maintainers/ and other forGL directories.


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