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About  forGL

Do computer programming with simplified Natural Language(s) of your choice. European languages and languages that read from left to right are supported.

Dictionary words define Verbs, Nouns, math Operators and Punctuation. These 4 "parts of speech" are both the external linguistic approach that forGL directly supports and also the forGL internal design & implementation.

forGL provides a simple Interpreter that supports a syntax style closer to Natural Language than most other programming languages.

forGL Interpreter

1) Load a forGL .toml Dictionary file into memory and set up to run various Verbs.

2) Ask for various option values.

3) Ask for the 1 line start command.

4) Run the given start command and any other Verbs that the command uses.

5) Show is a Verb already defined that may be used to display various values while Verb(s) are running and when the run finishes.

Repeat back to step 2 as many times as wanted.

Export as Code (Oct 2020: create files as needed)

Changes your Verb and Noun definitions to Haxe source code file(s) that you then build as: C++, Python, Java, C#, JavaScript, etc. You then use the related language build tools to make your applications. So you may have an actual working application in 10+ programming languages of your choice and not just inside forGL itself.

forGL is open source with a MIT License

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