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forGL Tasks

All these people on this page gave their own time and energy to produce forGL improvements. Thank you.

Please see the Maintainer's directory in the GitHub archive for more details not found here.


Tasks given here are mostly at a Feature related level of detail.

          3 major places of Task activity

1) Archive on GitHub : those working to improve: Examples, Documents, Dictionaries, Help/Warning/Info/Error messages, Source code files, Source code structure, Architecture ideas, etc.

2) This web site : easier for most to get started using forGL here. There will be significant major additions changes/improvements to the web site for quite a while: including a way to run forGL interpreter with a Dictionary (you select from a list of samples) and i18n.

3) Contact/communication using Facebook or GitHub or ThinkSpot



Critical 1 time chance to work with Randy as he adds GUI to forGL ! ! !

Open to anyone that wants to see Randy being dangerous with forGL.

See  Contact  info on  About


Fix page refresh to go through Options easier.

(Low) Fix character input when running Auto by using input Thread.

Randy ( + others ? )

Explore various ways of showing what forGL offers.

Current thinking is offering my time and effort for Audio or Video meetings to talk with a group of folks about forGL stuff. The group would record the meeting and post it somewhere on a public site. The group would update  Randy with the Link address that Randy posts on the  Links+  page.

Other Tasks and Details can be read or inferred by reading the Docs directory and other places in the GitHub Archive that will not be repeated here.

More details of ongoing Tasks can be found using various GitHub features.

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