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March 23, 2023     Tips & Warnings

these Downloads are at the PROTOTYPE level of use:

Mathematics support is typical to what you find up to Junior level in High School (Grade 11).

No support right now for Permutations, Combinations, Statistics, Calculus and above.

This page has downloads for those who only want to run forGL and not build forGL.

To see much more or build forGL as various programming languages please see the github archive:


forGL has only a limited single line Edit field; enough to start a Verb with a few values.


forGL Version 0.0.2 and above

Open the file folder on your laptop/desktop where you will run forGL.

Create a folder if you like.

Easier if you keep the folder open.

Python (Text style)

Please go directly to:

Java (Text style)

Please go directly to:

(this opens in a new tab)

Hit the Download button pointed at the bottom right below



















Get a Dictionary file to start with if you like

or you can make your own.


Open the file folder on your laptop/desktop where you will run forGL.

Please get at least  1  dictionary file (.toml) for experiments.

You will need to use a text editor in addition before starting forGL.


Edit the changes you want in the Dictionary file with the text editor of your choice.

     (on Windows, Randy uses Notepad++ as editor)

SAVE Your Changes .

Run forGL with your Dictionary.

Pick forGL options and Run and see the output.

Exit forGL.

     If more changes needed go back up to [Again] and do another round.


OLD forGL as Java

Total Downloads:


OLD forGL as Python

Total Downloads:


Important Windows Note:

If you want to use the Java or Python applications you also need to get


The version of ansicon.exe I use can be found at:

click on the link labeled :


Easier to download both DLL files and ansicon.exe and put them in same directory you created.

and set the Windows text Code Page to UTF8

chcp 65001


Testing was done on Windows 7 and 10.

Not sure about how good is Windows support for UTF8 on older versions of Windows.

forGL on Browsers

The Browser build (JavaScript) of forGL is not working and needs to be fixed.

It is available here for those who wish to Debug and give feedback on GitHub.

Download forGL for Browser

Total Downloads:


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